What do we do?

Literally almost everything connected with information and computer technology:

What does it cost:

Our hourly rate is 20 €. We work on a no cure no pay basis, which means that we, if we can't solve a problem, only charge our expenses. These expenses are, in case we come at home, one hour (20 €) and 0,30 €/km. For telephonic support you need to registrer.

Below a list with the most common activities.
What How much
Hourly rate 20 €
Kilometre compensation 0,30 € per km
Telephonic consult 0,40 € per minute, no cure no pay
E-mail questions 0,40 € per minute, no cure no pay
Website hosting and registration 50 € per year
Building a website from 250 €
Building or upgrading computers on demand
Instruction 20 € per hour